Performance, Speed, and economy all wrapped up in the safest airframe design available. Boasting top of the line avionics (Garmin Perspective+), premium luxurious interior, and air conditioned comfort, this is the next level of flight training and travel comfort. Flight into know ice certified (FIKI), as well as Oxygen for high altitude flying, this airplane has EVERYTHING. 

Requirements: Dual only 

  • $400/hour standard rate
  • $80/ hour consumables
    • Consumables may vary seasonally, but include fuel, oil, TKS, O2, XM

Frequently asked questions

Why try a flight in the SR22T?

You may want to fly something faster and more capable than the standard flight trainer. Perhaps you plan to own one in the future? Or perhaps that air conditioner is a must have for the hot Alabama summer! Also, the SR22T is a perfect glass cockpit trainer for those advanced IFR training scenarios

Why chose the SR22T for my flight training?

The Cirrus platform is an EXCELLENT trainer. it is forgiving on landings, automated in several aspects, and is built around combining safety with preformance. We don't recomend the turbo model for the first stage, but as you tranision from the basics, the preformance will better prepare you for faster aicraft to come! Also, for IFR training it's hard to beat the integration of a glass cockpit in the weather enviroments.

What's it cost to get a rating?

Hourly Rate: $400 + 80 This is the hourly rate that includes the usage of the plane, fuel, TKS (icing fluid), Oxygen, and all the subscriptions that come with the plane (such as XM weather and music, charts, and navigation database packages). Instruction: Day rate schedule We want the Cirrus student to have the instructors undivided time and attention, so when you are doing lessons you are not rushed for the schedule. You'll have you TCI (Training center instructor) for either half or full days to the best value for your lessons. Furthermore, we build each training course around your specific needs, so that time is maximized to acheive your goals. Courses Since each Cirrus student is getting a custom built course, we recomend a meeting to outline the costs of each course. We'll custom build the outline and go over what you can expect. We'll also give progress reports as you go to make sure you are on track and on budget. For more info, contact us here to set up a time to put together your personal course.