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Tailwheel and acrobatics

The Birmingham Flight Center's Decathlon is a perfect for the avid thrill seeker! furthermore, it serves as a platform for learning aerodynamic principals and energy management. It can also add tremendous skill to landing techniques.  

Discovery Flight

A discovery flight is a perfect opportunity for you to experience a sample session of flight training. It gives you a unique opportunity to discover firsthand what it’s like to fly an airplane.

FAR Part 61

A standard set of rules that most flight training falls under. This set of rules allows a great deal of flexibility when it comes to scheduling, aircraft usage, and instructors. Under FAR 61 rules, students build time for each rating, and advance at their leisure to achieve their goals.

Learn to Fly

Becoming a Pilot

The decision to begin flight training is actually the most difficult of all challenges when learning to fly. Often the financial uncertainty and unknown requirements are the major considerations when deciding to start.

A good understanding of those challenges can help you overcome all doubt and take those first steps towards flight. Meeting with an instructor is the best way to do that. Together, you formulate a personal strategy for achieving your goals as a future aviator.

Obtaining your private pilot license is one the most rewarding accomplishments a person can obtain. It opens up a world of new possibility—as simple as flying to the beach in a few hours or starting a track to an exciting career in aviation.


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