Tailwheel and acrobatics

The Birmingham Flight Center's Decathlon is a perfect for the avid thrill seeker! furthermore, it serves as a platform for learning aerodynamic principals and energy management. It can also add tremendous skill to landing techniques.  

Discovery Flight

A discovery flight is a perfect opportunity for you to experience a sample session of flight training. It gives you a unique opportunity to discover firsthand what it’s like to fly an airplane.

FAR Part 61

A standard set of rules that most flight training falls under. This set of rules allows a great deal of flexibility when it comes to scheduling, aircraft usage, and instructors. Under FAR 61 rules, students build time for each rating, and advance at their leisure to achieve their goals.

Learn to Fly

Becoming a Pilot

The decision to begin flight training is actually the most difficult of all challenges when learning to fly. Often the financial uncertainty and unknown requirements are the major considerations when deciding to start.

A good understanding of those challenges can help you overcome all doubt and take those first steps towards flight. Meeting with an instructor is the best way to do that. Together, you formulate a personal strategy for achieving your goals as a future aviator.

Obtaining your private pilot license is one the most rewarding accomplishments a person can obtain. It opens up a world of new possibility—as simple as flying to the beach in a few hours or starting a track to an exciting career in aviation.


Frequently asked questions

Who can get their Private Pilot License?

You need to be at least 17 years old to get your license, but many aviators start the path much younger so they can be completely ready by the birthday. Overall health is another important factor. You should be able to pass an aviation medical exam, which is much like a highschool sports exam. If you are unsure about that aspect, you can still do an initial discovery flight, just be sure to ask your instructor where to get further guidance on the medical exam.

What does it take to be a pilot?

Generally speaking the steps to becoming a pilot are divided into two parts: ground training and flight training. These parts alternate each lesson according to the syllabus, so you can prepare well in advance of a given flight. Your instructor will be readying you to demonstrate your flight and ground knowledge to an FAA examiner who will administer what's know as a Practical Test, or the "Check Ride". In order to be eligible for the check ride you will have to show a record of your flight time, written knowledge test results, and completed the necessary ground instruction.

What does it cost?

Cost is dependent on a couple of variables.

  1. While 40 hours is the minimum required for a private pilot license, the national average varies between 50-70 hours. Completion at closer to 40 hours is very possible with focused studying and most importantly, minimizing the time between lessons in an effort to aid in retention.
  2. Aircraft and instructor rates. Current rental rates for training aircraft are $150 an hour. The instruction rate for primary flight or ground training is $49 an hour.
We are flexible on payment methods. Some people prefer to pay as you go, and others like to put funds on account. We work with whatever works best for you!

How long does training take?

Training times are usually controlled by three factors, weather, schedules, and maintenance. While some training can be completed on rainy and cloudy days, the majority of your flights will require good weather. We recomend to always push ahead on the ground lessons, so when the weather breaks you can hit the sky ahead of the curve! Our schedulers work around your availability to build the best time slots to make sure training is accomplished in a expeditious manner. And lastly, we always make sure you have safe equipment to fly. this means we have to occasionally down aircraft for inspections. We strive for fast turnarounds so you can get flying with ease! All considered, training for the private pilot licence will typically take four to six months. A shorter time between lessons shortens the training time and of course the opposite is true as well.

How do I get started?

The old addage of "try it before you buy it" definitely applies in aviation. With that in mind, we recomend that everyone try a discovery flight before starting the course. This discovery flight is an opportunity not only to see how much fun flight training can be, but also to ask further questions about costs, timelines, requirements, and anything else you may be wondering. Our discovery flights average $120-$140, and are a great for helping people decide what the next step should be. We ask that when scheduling a discovery flight a $49 deposit be made to hold the slot on schedule. If you have any additional questions please feel free to give us a call, send an email or just drop by.