Tailwheel and acrobatics

The Birmingham Flight Center's Decathlon is a perfect for the avid thrill seeker! furthermore, it serves as a platform for learning aerodynamic principals and energy management. It can also add tremendous skill to landing techniques.  

Discovery Flight

A discovery flight is a perfect opportunity for you to experience a sample session of flight training. It gives you a unique opportunity to discover firsthand what it’s like to fly an airplane.

FAR Part 61

A standard set of rules that most flight training falls under. This set of rules allows a great deal of flexibility when it comes to scheduling, aircraft usage, and instructors. Under FAR 61 rules, students build time for each rating, and advance at their leisure to achieve their goals.

Learn to Fly

Becoming a Pilot

The decision to begin flight training is actually the most difficult of all challenges when learning to fly. Often the financial uncertainty and unknown requirements are the major considerations when deciding to start.

A good understanding of those challenges can help you overcome all doubt and take those first steps towards flight. Meeting with an instructor is the best way to do that. Together, you formulate a personal strategy for achieving your goals as a future aviator.

Obtaining your private pilot license is one the most rewarding accomplishments a person can obtain. It opens up a world of new possibility—as simple as flying to the beach in a few hours or starting a track to an exciting career in aviation.


Frequently asked questions

How does Energy Healing Work?

Energy Healing has been used for thousands of years to help people heal and stay healthy, but what is it? and how does it work? Lets start with the current science that proves everything Is energy. If this is true then solid matter is not actually solid at all, but is just vortices of energy that just seems solid. Quantum physics shows that as we magnify everything down to the smallest observable levels that there is no solid form at all, just patterns and frequencies of energy and a lot of space. If this is true, then even our thoughts, emotions, and the uniqueness of our body/personality are energy too. Somehow energy contains information, knowing how to heal our cut finger back to OUR finger's unique baseline blueprint rather than healing it to look like someone else's finger. When we are sick our immune system knows what our unique baseline blueprint is, our homeostasis, and heals us back to that energetic place. Somehow the unique individual signature of who we are is carried within our energy field and cellular structure, and our autonomic nervous systems job is to keep things in balance. If our system gets stressed too much, the ability of this intelligence to maintain balance goes array and our body and mind begin to express a state of disharmony through symptoms or disease. When we are in a healthy balanced emotional state our autonomic nervous system works efficiently to support our body and mind to work together in unison, with a surplus energy for growth and rejuvenation. In this state our energy systems are expressing patterns and frequencies relative to this healthy state. This is homeostasis, the state of ease, or harmony. When we are out of balance, perhaps from being stressed for long periods, or have experienced an emotional or physical trauma, our autonomic nervous system diverts its growth and rejuvenation energy to survival, and our energy systems become compromised and unable to maintain homeostasis. When our reserves are used up, our energy system begins to express patterns and frequencies that are relative to the stressed state, rather than a balanced one. This is the state of dis-ease, or dis-harmony, where there become blocks and hemorrhages in the natural flow of energy in our body. When disharmony happens, our system does not have enough energy anymore to handle and maintain homeostasis, as energy is getting diverted to survival through the sympathetic nervous system of fight or flight. This leaves less energy than needed for all our main body functions like our digestive system, immune, endocrine, and all the rest. The autonomic nervous system begins to work on a compromised system that leads to disconnection of the whole body working together as a team, because it is working under the stress of survival instead of homeostasis. When we are in survival we are not in the growth/rejuvenating state, so our body gets depleted and we feel a lack of energy and clarity. Our thoughts get worrisome to plan for the possibility of danger, and we may have trouble sleeping because our mind stays on yellow alert. Energy healing is using the healing intention of the mind to channel energy from the environment into the persons body creating a surplus of clear energy so that all the energy systems can re-orient, or re-boot back to their natural state, (baseline blueprint) and re-gain balance/homeostasis. Remember, everything is energy, including our thoughts, feelings, emotions, and experiences, and a balanced flow of energy in our body will support a state of emotional and physical ease to support us to process and let go of the stresses of life as they happen, keeping them from accumulating into blocks. Energy Healing will support this to happen, and it also feels really relaxing! It's an empowering feeling to take action with something that is important to you! Book your free consultation with me today. I am really looking forward to meeting with you! Your do not have to be in person to recieve Energy Healing, as it can be done Remote! Here is a video from the Heart Math Institute. It shows how the energy of our thoughts and feelings not only effect the health of your body, but also the people we interact with, our comunities, and the whole planet! Very worth watching!

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