Upset Prevention and Recovery

Following with BFC's mission to make the sky safer for everyone, we are proud to offer an Upset Program and Recovery Training (UPRT). In this course, we'll take you up in the decathlon and slowly and methodically present every element of the spin. We will present it in a organized manner so you have the time to see how each stage forms, and how to prevent it from developing any further. 

Frequently asked questions

What's involved in an upset recovery course?

Our course is designed to expose you to several challenges and allow you to demonstrate recovery techniques
Steep skills: During this time you’ll form an understanding of bank angles beyond 60 degrees, and how important recovery is to preventing disorientation. Inversion recovery: Continuing the skills above, we'll add the rollover component that often comes with spins, and how to safely manage teh recovery Inversion recovery: We'll take you upside down, and show you how to safely manage the recovery. All together (spins): This is the correlation of knowledge towards the full recovery of the spin. we'll break each element into it's part and show you how to break off the maneuver every step of the way.
Each element incorporates a strong pre-breif to prepare for the days flight.

How does it work?

Each lesson will involve a ground and a flight, where each element of the days activities will be reviewed and rehearsed in advance for the flight. Exchange of control proceedures will also be rehersed for added safety.

What's it cost?

The course will vary depending on the amount of time spent both in ground and in air. but a safe estimate is 3 flight hours at $315 per hour wet with instructor, and 3 hours ground instruction at $59 per hour.