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In the simplest of terms, a commercial license allows you to earn money as a pilot. Before now, flying has been purely for pleasure.

With a commercial license you can fly people and/or cargo for personal gain.

This is the moment where most career aviators make the decision to earn a living as a pilot, and their career truly takes off!

What does it take?

FAR 61.129


  • 250 total flight hours

  • 100 hours in powered aircraft

  • 100 hours Pilot In Command / 50 cross country

  • 5 hours night with 10 takeoff & landings at tower controlled airport

  • 10 hours instrument training

*Must be 18, read, write, speak, and understand English, hold a second class medical certificate, and pass a written exam.

Estimated completion time: depending on existing flight time, can be as little as 1 month!

How to build that flight time!

Most people when going for a career path in aviation work to build as much time as possible. This can be done several ways. Most pursue rental of aircraft and build time while traveling to dream destinations! And this phase can be lots of fun for the family too! However BFC recommends a blended approach while enjoying the sky. Keep renting, but also keep going on the learning path and add more ratings and endorsements to your license. this builds skills and flight time all while making you a safer aviator overall! 

Build that time while having fun with friends and family! 

A great add on that builds on existing landing skills and techniques

A smart add on, as this can help gain you more valuable time in the future!

This qualification allows you to build time while sharing your insights, helping the aviation community grow!

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