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Pinch Hitter 
Safety Course

What if the passenger needs to take control? 

Imagine being the passenger, the person who's flying has just become incapacitated. Are you helpless? Not at all. BFC can customize a specific course to help you quickly and safely take the controls to land safely. Further more, we can customize the course to you exact airplane, often doing the training in your exact aircraft. This course is great for spouses of pilots, kids, and anyone who wants to be more than just a passenger should the need arise. 

  1. The course generally start with a familiarization flight in the Redbird FMX Simulator, then we transition to the plane to get used to the feel and handling of the real aircraft. 

  2. Next, we transition to "simulated landings" both in the simulator and in the actual aircraft. 

  3. Lastly, we transition to actual landing in the aircraft, as well as radio communication techniques

Send us your information using the discovery flight link above, and we'll make sure to customize the meeting to suit your exact needs. 

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