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Private Pilot

With a private pilot certificate, you can legally fly from place to place in a single engine airplane. Think of it as a passport to anywhere you want to be (weather permitting)! There are also a few guidelines to follow pertaining to the privileges and limitations of the certificate, but ultimately, this is the certification to seek for the ability to fly when you want, where you want.

What does it take?

FAR 61.101

  • 20 hours Dual instruction

  • 10 hours Solo

  • 40 hours Total time


Must be 17, read, write, speak and understand English, hold a third class medical certificate, and pass a written exam.


Student Pilots can solo at the age of 16 and complete training prior to their 17th birthday.


To take the Private Pilot Practical *(Final Checkride) a student must be at least 17 years of age.

Course Overview


Our course is designed to bring you through three stages.

  1. Pre-Solo Stage: During this time you’ll form an understanding of basic skills and studies in aviation.

  2. Cross Country Stage: Application of those foundations for land navigation.

  3. Final Exams Stage: This is the correlation of knowledge towards the final test. You and your instructor will work to prepare you for all phases of your FAA check ride.

Each stage is designed to build your knowledge of various subjects while attaining the requirements of your selected course.

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