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Whether or not you are interested in a pilot’s license, the power and capability of aircraft based travel is hard to dispute. In almost every case, increased speed means increased time-regardless of the mission.

Imagine being able to take a four hour drive and turn it into a one hour flight? Perhaps a week long road trip can become one day of travel?

Aircraft can open numerous options for personal travel, and there are several ways to do so outside of standard airline hassle.

However, owning an airplane is only one small part of the general aviation world. Just like a boat, a house, or a car, an airplane requires care and oversight. Lucky for you that is one of our specialties!

Turn-Key Management Program

Complete all-inclusive service


As a member of our turn-key management service, there is only one thing you have to do—show up!

  • If you already own a plane but are looking for a place to house it, we have you covered

  • If you need maintenance, our dedicated full-time 3-man maintenance team is at your service.

  • If you need flight planning assistance or pilot services our crews are yours.

  • Avionics updates, no problem. Our trained staff and professional pilots are on it.

  • Fuel Discounts? We have them.

  • Insurance discounts? We have them.

Contact a BFC scheduler today to discuss how we can best serve your needs.

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