Tail Wheel Program

BFC is now offering tailwheel endorsements in its Decathalon 8KCAB. This incredible aircraft is a capable workhorse, and ready to show you the ropes when it comes to conventional gear aircraft. Our course is built as a block package and includes ground and flight instruction as well as 6 hours of flying time in a package deal. It focuses on the most challenging aspects of a tailwheel aircraft, to include crosswind procedures, 3-point landings, and wheel landings to name a few. It includes flight and ground instruction, as well as 6 hrs of time in the 8KCAB. The syllabus is broken into three elements and can be structured to fit any of your schedule needs. It covers all the criteria of 61.31(I) and beyond to ensure you are the safest pilot possible.


Frequently asked questions

Why do a tailwheel endorsement?

Safety There is a common understanding in aviation that being able to land a tailwheel aircraft requires a higher degree of focus and understanding of the elements involved in lading an aircraft. Those concepts are transferable to all realms of flight and make you a safer pilot overall!
Awareness There is nothing like a tailwheel aircraft to tune your senses to the subtle nuances of pitch, power, wind, and above all STABILIZED approaches to a landing. Pursuing the endorsement brings innumerable insights in the art of landing.
Fun! Jumping into a tailwheel aircraft is exciting, challenging, and can recharge the art of flying! This style of aircraft brings you back to the fundamentals, and we feel that after one flight in the Decathalon it is almost impossible to walk away without a grin on your face.

What’s involved?

At the core of BFC’s training culture is the belief in strong ground training. We want your senses honed before the engine even cranks! So our tailwheel course has 3 grounds and 4 flights to make sure you are ready for anything. Then we do a short post lesson review to make sure you know what to work on for next time. If at the end of the course you find you need more time to be proficient, our syllabus is flexible to accommodate your needs. You’ll be responsible for the additional time needed, but we’ll do all in our power to guide you should the need arise.

What's it cost?

The block package for a tailwheel endorsement is $2,300. Additionall hours are $315 each (Wet, includes instructor). We also offer a Aerobatics Package!