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Tail Wheel Program

BFC is now offering tailwheel endorsements in its Decathalon 8KCAB. This incredible aircraft is a capable workhorse, and ready to show you the ropes when it comes to conventional gear aircraft. Our course is built as a block package and includes ground and flight instruction as well as 6 hours of flying time in a package deal. It focuses on the most challenging aspects of a tailwheel aircraft, to include crosswind procedures, 3-point landings, and wheel landings to name a few. It includes flight and ground instruction, as well as 6 hrs of time in the 8KCAB. The syllabus is broken into three elements and can be structured to fit any of your schedule needs. It covers all the criteria of 61.31(I) and beyond to ensure you are the safest pilot possible.


  • Why try a flight in the Decathlon?
    Aerobatic flight requires a pilot to have a BIG picture of the aerodynamics involved in 3D flight. You'll learn things such as Energy Management, Gyroscopics, Upset recovery, and numerous other areas that are fun and transferable to all aspects of your flying skills.
  • Why chose a Decathlon over other Aerobatic aircraft?
    1. Price! The Decathlon does not use a lot of fuel, and is relatively simple in design. 2. Dependability: given it is a relatively simple airframe, it is very tough. 3. Ease of use: The airframe has fantastic and forgiving characteristics that make it a great stepping stone into the world of erobatic flight.
  • Decathlon Specs
    Fully aerobatic aircraft capable of +6.0 and -5.0 G's. It can also sustain inverted flight for up to 2 minutes thanks to its semetrical airfoils and specialized fuel/oil systems.
  • What's it cost?
    We offer two styles of payment for aerobatic training: Package or hourly Acrobatics Package: $2300 This is a package deal that includes the nescessary ground and flight training to familiarize you with the basics of aerobatics. Manuvers presented: Rolls, Loops, Hammerheads, Spins. (4 flights, 4 grounds) Tailwheel Package: $2300 This package is designed to give you all of the exposures needed for the Tailwheel Endorsement. Hourly Rate: $315 This is the hourly rate that includes fuel and pilot. If you want to do a quick joyride, or need additional training, but arent ready to commit to a package. But fair warning, after your first flight you might get hooked!
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