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Aircraft Maintenance

Peace of Mind is a vital state pilots continually strive for. Being calm, precise and in control are traits of good aviators.

What helps pilots achieve this? A well-maintained airplane.

Knowing your airplane is cared for with impeccable attention to detail is a feeling that cannot be overlooked.

At BFC, our full service maintenance department does just that.

What can BFC do?


Our team of certified A&P mechanics is led by a maintenance director with over 20 years experience. We specialize in small aircraft and our years of experience and network guarantee we can meet your maintenance needs.

We’re able to service, maintain, and repair a wide variety of single engine and multi engine air frames in-house, and we have a group of specialists we draw upon for paint, avionics, and interior jobs.

You and your airplane are the focus of BFC’s maintenance department—A department that focuses on customer needs in scheduling and price without compromising quality.

Put the care of your airplane in our experienced hands.

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