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You have your Private and Instrument ratings but what’s next?

If you have a desire to fly multi-engine aircraft that’s great, but it requires a specialized rating.

A second engine adds weight, systems, and other duties a pilot must master.

The good news, obtaining a multi-engine rating is normally one of the quicker steps you’ll encounter on your personal pilot journey.

What does it take?

FAR 61.109b


There is no specific time requirement for multi upgrade training at either the Private pilot, or the Commercial pilot level.

General course lengths includes

  • 10 hours of flight time in a multi-engine

  • 10 hours of ground school to prepare for a add-on *check ride.

*Must be 17, read, write, speak, and understand English, hold an applicable medical certificate.

Estimated completion time: 3 weeks.

Training Overview

Training is done in a BE55 Baron as well as time in our full motion simulator. Training time may be longer depending on individual student proficiency.

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