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FAA Knowledge Test

At Birmingham Flight Center, we strive to help our students in every way possible, and we can be a one stop shop for all you needs! That includes the FAA knowledge tests for your pilot licenses AND your Drone certifications (UAS). 
What does it take?


  • Each test varies in its specific requirements, but generally you'll need

    • 1) an endorsement from an instructor and

    • 2) a Gov't issued ID to verify mailing address

  • For specific requirements pertaining to your test, see the matrix below:




How do I get ready?


  1. Prep: We recommend either a home study course or working with an instructor 1 on 1 for dedicated tutoring to get ready for any written knowledge test.

  2. Schedule: Check with BFC for dates of availability to take your exam. An instructor can readily help with this step. Then, go to and pick the date and time that worked for you and the test proctors. 

  3. Take the test: Get that high score! results over 70% are passing, and if you need to retest for a higher score you need to wait 30 days and bring the original score report with you. 

What does it cost?

The average cost is around $150 per test attempt, but for the most up to date pricing see the list after creating your account on PSI's website.

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