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Holiday Special! 

Call us at 205-849-7722 during normal business hours to set up a date and create you an awesome certificate for a stocking stuffer! 



BFC has noticed everything this year seems particularly crazy, so we thought we could spread a little holiday cheer! For a short time only, BFC is offering a “change in perspective” for the holidays! Book an exciting flight in the decathlon for flips, rolls, and all sorts of view changing maneuvers!

And the best part: %10 off the price of the airplane! 

Some conditions apply:

  • Holiday special will be redeemed after Jan 1 2020

  • Holiday specials valid for 1 year after date of purchase

  • BFC will make every effort to accommodate desired schedules within the constraints of Weather, Maintenance, and Pilot availability.

  • Discount does not apply to package deals (they already have discounts applied) 

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