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Welcome to your next step:

The multi engine


Arguably one of the finest designs to come from Beechcraft, the BE55 Baron is ready to serve as your multi engine trainer. With extra range tanks, 200KT true airspeeds, and that smooth handling that Beechcraft is know for, we think you'll enjoy the experience as much as you learn from the flight time. 

Dual only​​

  • $585/hour standard rate Wet

Beechcraft BE55


Garmin Avionics


Loaded with features

Exceptional features for a multi engine trainer:


  • Colemill President II conversion

    • IO 550 engines, 3 blade props, Wing tip tanks, Winglets

  • Full Garmin avionics suite

    • G600 TXi​

    • GFC 600 autopilot

    • GTN 750 WAAS

    • GI 275 Backup display

Added bonus: Baron flight time is highly sought after by most insurance companies, as it checks the high performance and complex criteria. And it is a very common stepping stone platform to most entry position flight jobs

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