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Safety Culture and Training

Safety culture is not just a series of policies in place to prevent an problems. It must go beyond simple rules , and should be centered in the mindset of each and every person involved in the organization. And the students area part of that culture too! Everyone takes ownership and care in the safety of what they can control each day. BFC builds on this culture, and we are proud that it reflects in the professionalism and quality of our students and staff. 

The "Try it" concept

It is said that experience is the best teacher. At BFC, we embrace this concept, and allow our students to gain real world flying experiences every day. We want our students to experience as much as possible, and strive to present opportunities to do so. Are you worried about weather? lets find a calm overcast day to safely explore it. Having a hard time with landings? Go up with an instructor in the tailwheel aircraft to perfect your rudder control, then try the 172 again. Not sure about how a part of the plane works? Lets go speak with a mechanic and put the part in question right in your hands. The personalized experience is the key, and BFC can provide it! 

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