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A different approach to Airspace

Welcome to BFC

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The BEST planes!

BFC prides itself on finding great aircraft and making them perfect! this way the rates are reasonable and the equipment is both modern, standardized, and safe
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The BEST people!

Even more important than great equipment is great instructors! We seek only the most knowledgeable and proffessional staff to fit your flying goals.
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The best SERVICE!

Putting everything together efficiently and  with expertise is sometimes an artform. but we guide you every step of the way to make sure you succeed no matter what your goals! 

Why BFC?

When it comes to flight training, we strive to be leagues better than the industry averages, and prioritize quality AND capability, and use the fact we are located in busy airspace to YOUR advantage to give you a competitive edge on flight training.


We utilize our fleet and incredible staff to allow you the ability to not only cross train in other aircraft, but to customize your training pace while maintaining a steady progress through tailored syllabi. Our Redbird FMX allows us to further customize training to your specific needs, while exposing our students to incredibly advanced challenges in a safe and controlled environment. And that's just the beginning! We then take those lessons and apply them in some of the most challenging airspace in the area. You can be confident that when you are flying on your own, you are prepared for anything.


Furthermore, we take it to another level if our students are interested in OWNERSHIP in the future. All of our team have incredible experience in general aviation, and we are proud to put our expertise to work for you no matter your needs. 


Located at Birmingham International Airport (KBHM), our students learn more in a shorter amount of time thanks to the challenges of the airspace we are based at, and as a result are better prepared for real world flying!



Get paid to fly drones! we can help you get there! 

Learn to handle anything an airplane can throw at you! 

Create any scenario, and test yourself in the safest environment possible with use of the simulator. 

Make yourself the safest passenger possible by learning how to get help and make the landing!

Getting ready to to fly for the greatest military in the world? we can help you prep for UPT

(beyond the norm)

Introducing CIRRUS Capability 

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After many years of hard work and dedication, BFC is proud to have partnered with Cirrus Aircraft to offer even more flight training and aircraft acquisition options for our students and clients. This is a milestone program for us, and we are so proud to be a Cirrus Training Center (CTC). 

If you are looking to fly in some of the most advanced aircraft available on the market, we are ready for you at BFC! 


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