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BFC is Proud to be Birmingham's

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“The desire to fly is an idea handed down to us by our ancestors who, in their grueling travels across trackless lands in prehistoric times, looked enviously on the birds soaring freely through space, at full speed, above all obstacles, on the infinite highway of the air.”
– Wilbur Wright

So where does your story start?


You seek to soar because its a goal you can never let go, and you are ready for the personal journey of a lifetime


You know your path is to work in the clouds, and the service of safety is in your nature


are you seeking something more? 

The BEST planes

BFC prides itself on finding great aircraft and making them perfect. this way the rates are reasonable and the equipment is both modern, standardized, and safe
The BEST people

Even more important than great equipment is great instructors. We seek only the most knowledgeable and proffessional staff to fit your flying goals.
The BEST service

Putting everything together efficiently and  with expertise is sometimes an art form. but we guide you every step of the way to make sure you succeed no matter what your goals! 


Welcome to Your Birmingham flight center

Where mastering the airspace is a walk (flight?) in the park

Additional Services
(beyond the norm)

CIRRUS training

After many years of hard work and dedication, BFC is proud to have partnered with Cirrus Aircraft to offer even more flight training and AIR CONDITIONED aircraft options for our students and clients. This is a milestone program for us, and we are so proud to be a Cirrus Training Center (CTC). 


Discovery Flights

Get a taste of aviation before you jump into the training aspect, or just sit back and enjoy the incredible sights while soaring above the clouds. A discovery flight makes a great gift too!

Military prep

Getting ready to to fly for the greatest military in the world? we can help you prep for UPT. We use an advanced syllabus that is carefully constructed around the inputs of various academy graduates and active military aviators in the services. It emphasizes technical skills and interview techniques as well as basic airman-ship and procedural structures.

Tailwheel and intro acrobatics

We are proud to offer a GORGEOUS 8KCAB as our primary trainer for tail wheel procedures and introductory acrobatics. Whether you are band new to aviation and looking for a WILD experience, or a seasoned aviator seeking to challenge yourself and develop new skills, you will like what BFC has to offer today! Also makes a great gift idea for that thrill seeker!


Quality over quantity, always.

One of the things that sets BFC apart is that our guiding principals have always been a focus towards quality of training and conduct. We are not a large volume flight school, and do not intend to become one. We cater to the individual, train in challenging airspace, and strive to adapt to the individual learner's needs. At BFC, you are as individual as your mission, and we aim to help you find the best path to where you want to be. and our testimonials speak for themselves!

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