A different approach to speed!

Birmingham flight center is proud to announce the arrival of our new Cirrus flight training programs!
Aircraft Maintenance

Our team of certified A&P mechanics is led by a maintenance director with over 20 years experience. We specialize in small aircraft and our years of experience and network guarantee we can meet your maintenance needs.

Pilot Services

Our staff of highly trained pilots are ready to help you arrive at your next destination. Whether you need a pilot for a day, a trip, or just a few hours we can accommodate any schedule. If you need professional Part 91 pilot services don’t hesitate to give us a call. 

Welcome to BFC

Why BFC?

When it comes to flight training, we strive to be leagues better than the average flight school. We concentrate on quality AND speed, and use the fact we are located in busy airspace to YOUR advantage to give you a competitive edge on communications. We utilize a standardized fleet to allow you the ability to cross train in other aircraft, and customize your training pace while maintaining a steady progress through perfected syllabi. Our Redbird FMX allows us to further customize training to your specific needs, while exposing our students to incredibly advanced challenges in a safe and controlled environment. And that's just the beginning! 

Our experienced staff of instructors are the backbone of the company. They can take you from the beginning levels of flight all the way through advanced training. They are well versed in student needs, and match the students drive for success! Our staff of highly skilled professionals are proud to assist you every step of the way.


Get paid to fly drones! we can help you get there! 

Learn to handle anything an airplane can throw at you! 

Create any scenario, and test yourself in the safest environment possible with use of the simulator. 

Make yourself the safest passenger possible by learning how to get help and make the landing!

Getting ready to to fly for the greatest military in the world? we can help you prep for UPT

Services(beyond the norm)